Dogfish Head

Special operations & inclement weather info

Call the hotline

Call our special operations and inclement weather info hotline.


Once you hear the initial greeting, press one of the following numbers for your location:

  • For the Brewery + Distillery, press 1
  • For the Inn, press 2
  • For Brewings & Eats, press 3
  • For Chesapeake & Maine, press 4

Once you have selected an option, you will hear that location's current operating message. Press 1 to go back to the main menu or # to hang up the call.

Normally it will say the following: 

"<Company name> will be operating normally today. Please arrive at your regularly scheduled shift. Cheers!"

If there are special messages to be relayed to our coworkers, you'll hear another specially recorded message. Thanks!

Location specific info

Check out location specific info below...

Brewery / Distillery

Business as usual at this time.


Business as usual at this time.

Brewings & Eats

Business as usual at this time.

Chesapeake & Maine

Business as usual at this time.